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Bold Brows

The days of plucking until there’s nothing left have been thankfully left in the past. Taking notes from the likes of Cara Delevingne women are now embracing big brows or at least ditching the ‘few hairs in a straight line’ look.

Cara: Bold Brows

Cara: Bold Brows

Even if your eyebrows are reasonable in colour, they will never look as good as they can with a little extra colour and a fuller shape. You don’t have to have eyebrows as full and dark as Cara’s to achieve a big brow, it all depends on what you have to work with.

Recently I’ve used a HD brows palette (€30.00) until it fell and broke into little messy pieces. The palette was handy it had a light blonde colour along with three shades of brown so allowed for mixing-this creates a more natural look. The powder worked but often the application was difficult. To avoid the cost of another palette I opted for a very affordable eye brow pencil from Catrice (€2.99). A cheap solution that works, it is not to heavy or too light and comes with a brush on one end to fix stray hairs.


Don’t over-pluck. Remove hairs to create a natural arch which should peak at the outer edge of your iris.

To avoid the unintentional angry eyebrow look ensure you brush your pigment onto the hairs of the brow and not the skin.

Start applying from just before the arch of the brow and continue to the end. Use a brush to blend the pigment already applied into the corner of your eyes to maintain a natural brow.