Louis Vuitton-Paris Fashion Week

Flicking through the colourful images from Louis Vuitton’s A/W 14 collection it is as if you are catapulted back in time to the quirky style of ‘That 70’s Show’.

Under new designer Nicolas Ghesquiere the pressure was on for the brand to maintain its covetable reputation this season at Paris Fashion Week. Taking over from none other than Marc Jacobs, Ghesquiere created an eye catching collection filled with vintage prints, skater mini skirts and waist cinching belts.

louis vuitton b

The opening look on the runway prepared the audience for the modern but vintage brilliance that was to come. A black trench coat with a sharp, clean cut tangerine collar over a cream turtle neck shift dress opened the show displaying clean lines femininity and Parisian chic.

louis vuitton g

The trench coat and skater dress were combined to create an A-line number with front zip detailing and of course a belted waist. Shoulders were subtly defined by the upper section of the piece balancing the short A-line skirt element.

louis vuitton f

Accessories were not neglected and how could they be with bags by this brand being a wardrobe necessity in many fashion lovers’ view. Next season would not be complete without an array of boots in all shaped and sizes. This collection featured black leather knee highs plus some brown patent ankle highs with buckles.

louis vuitton d

As for the bags, a rectangular satchel with fasteners similar to that of a jewellery box and sporting the classic Vuitton print was enough to say job well done.





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