Her Look: Olivia Palermo

She was the chic villain on The City, a spin off show of hit reality show The Hills, showcasing the fashion world in New York City. A socialite turned style icon for many Olivia has climbed the ranks in terms of style since her TV debut.

Flirty Skirts
Flirty Skirts

Olivia embraces her long legs and opts for skinny jeans, fitted leather pants or structured shorts which show off her assets. Her outfits often incorporate layers including short sleek jackets and a blouse or long coats and plenty of accessories. Sophisticated is her personal style in one word. She appears to never have a hair out of place, reflecting her wealthy background she is the oozes class.

Of course her olive skin and sandy hair tend to aid any outfit’s appeal but regardless of your colouring you can still use her as an inspiration when dressing. Patterned fitted pants are another item Olivia has in her wardrobe which add colour and drama to a plain black blazer and blouse.

Summer Chic
Summer Chic

Although her style is mostly structured and of the fitted sort she does occasionally sport a chiffon mini skirt to add a flirty and feminine element to a look. A good bag is an essential for this socialite and it is rarely a small one. A girl after my own heart she can always be seen carrying her life around in a large but classy leather handbag.


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